About CanAx

CanAx is a 10 week acceleration program, designed to upgrade the skills of startuppers developing Medical Cannabis, healthcare and well-being based tech solutions, that can benefit from professional mentoring, advanced laboratories and co-working space, international networking and VC funding.

The program is conducted virtually and physically (Hybrid) at CanNegev Incubator in Yeruham, over 10 sessions with a rich syllabus and professional speakers, including a Demo Day.

Graduates of the program will be evaluated by CanNegev Incubator steering committee, and if selected might continue to CanRe program, offering up to 100K INS funding (equity free) or/followed by CanUp offering up to 1.25M INS (for equity).

Yeruham is a city located in Israel’s Negev region, currently building its foothold in the Medical Cannabis arena, hosting researchers, biologists, scientists, medical doctors, labs and soon production facilities and building a unique Eco-System in that field.

Program is calling for innovations and ideas in the following subjects: Cultivation, Production, Pharma, Drag Delivery System, ClimateTech, Organic Growing, AgTech, Biotech, Medical Devices, AI and Deep Learning.

Benefits of CanAx program:

  • Participation is free of charge and no equity is taken
  • Exclusive network of dedicated mentors in both technical and business verticals
  • Access to Universities, Hospitals and Industry
  • Prominent partnering companies, offering mentoring, networking and funding
  • Supportive environment by Yeruham Municipality and Innovation Authority
  • Venture Capital funding via CanNegev programs
  • Perks and credits from tech partners

About CanNegev

CanNegev, the 1st in the world state sponsored Incubator, is the home for entrepreneurs and startups in the field of medical cannabis, aiming to transform Yeruham and the Negev region into a center of knowledge, research, development and technological innovation for medical cannabis related initiatives.

CanNegev is one of Israel’s Innovation Authority Incubators, supported by prominent venture partner, Padagis (Perrigo):, OurCrowd, BOL Pharma and Yeruham Municipality.

CanNegev offers advanced laboratories, VC funding, international access to the cannabis ecosystem as well as professional mentorship and extensive networking.

About Medical Cannabis industry

The medical cannabis industry is comprised of several clusters being:

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Agriculture & AgriTech
Related technological developments

CanAx is calling entrepreneurs with ideas, medical doctors ,research and startuppers with early stage technologies relating to Medical Cannabis healthcare and wellbeing, to apply and submit their solutions to overcome the hereunder challenges:


The development of advanced agricultural, biological, and technological capabilities to improve growing cost reduction, disease free/organic clean product and modern and advanced agriculture to match high standard pharma regulation properties at the appropriate standard.



Processing of the plant into a wide range of cannabis products (flowers, oil, tablets, API etc.), using advance efficient technologies

Developing Innovative Formulation and APIs


AI and deep learning

Research of the plant, its unique qualities and its effects on individuals, outlining various clinical indications in botany and agronomy to improve the cultivation process.

Pharma and Drug Delivery System

Including formulation, API, syntactic production and medical devices targeting bioavailability improvement


Facts about the Cannabis Industry

Israel is one of the leading countries on development of medical cannabis in a supervised, managed and controlled process
Medical cannabis demand for treatment of chronic pain is expected to exceed $59 billion by 2025
Europe predicts the market value will reach $65 billion by 2028
Over 35 countries worldwide have permitted the use of medical cannabis, as well as 33 states in the US
Israel is the first country to implement the medicalization regulatory concept for medical cannabis


  • 01


    Launching the call out for applications.

  • 02


    Screening best suited applications by steering committee.

  • 03


    Launching the acceleration program.

  • 04


    End of program by Demo Day.

  • 05


    Screening best graduates for the CanRe/ CanUp programs.

Launching of CanAx Accelerator

Launching of CanAx Accelerator program will be on December 1st.